ClarinetFest 学生向け旅費補助のお知らせ

ICAからのアナウンスです。推薦状と略歴、アピールする手紙をEvan Lynchあてに送ってください。5月18日締め切り。 今年のオステンドでのフェスティバル参加の旅費が補助されるかもしれません。

One of our Capital Campaign initiatives is to provide funding for young clarinetists through ClarinetFest® travel grants. Support is provided for full time students, and the amount of support depends on the student and available funding. In order to apply for a travel grant, please email the following items to executive director of operations Evan Lynch at

1. Cover letter

2. Resume

3. Letter of support written by your teacher

The deadline to submit your materials is Friday, May 18, 2018. Travel grant winners will be notified no later than Friday, May 25, 2018 and all funds will be distributed as reimbursement following ClarinetFest® 2018.