2018 Henri Selmer Summer Clarinet Academy @ Michigan State Univ.

The 2018 Henri Selmer Summer Clarinet Academy offers an immersive experience at one of the top premiere summer educational seminars to young and talented clarinetists ages 18 and above. International artist teachers will offer a unique opportunity for daily lessons, master classes and performances . The academy is competitive and limited to 20 student participants, which makes the ratio of teacher/students 1:4. This gives each students a personal in-depth opportunity to work on their skills. The Academy takes place at the beautiful campus of Michigan State University.
The academy offers several scholarships from 20%-50% off the tuition fee based on the application materials.
Competition: Participants of the Academy will have the opportunity to compete at the Academy Competition: the competition will be part of the academy’s curriculum. At the conclusion of the competition the 1st prize winner will be presented with a new Selmer Paris Presence Bb clarinet, selected by the academy’s artists. 2nd prize winner will receive a $1000 prize. 3rd prize winner will receive Selmer Paris Concept or Focus mouthpiece as their choice.
Our Faculty Roster this year is:
Alessandro Carbonare
Kim Cole Luevano
Michael Norsworthy
Pavel Vinnitsky
Michael Lowenstern
Tasha Warren
Guy Yehuda
Please encourage your students to apply soon.