ICAより The Clarinetへの投稿のお誘い

The Clarinet — Call for Journal Submissions by Aug. 1

The International Clarinet Association welcomes contributions from our members for possible inclusion in our quarterly journal, The Clarinet. If you wish to submit an article proposal, a completed article, or audio/print materials for review, please refer to our submission guidelines: http://clarinet.org/submission-guidelines/

New Feature Review Deadlines
Our new quarterly deadlines for feature article submissions to be reviewed by the editorial review board are as follows:

 Issue  December  March  June  September
 Deadline  August 1  November 1  February 1  May 1

 News, Event Reports and Department Submissions:

 Issue  December  March  June  September
 Deadline  September 1  December 1  March 1  June 1